Contribution After the death of his mother Mamun in 633 AD

Contribution After the death of his mother Mamun in 633 AD

Contribution After the death of his mother Mamun in 633 AD

Buaid and Seljuk Emergence, Functions, Contributions. 

wayhid & Seljuk
: Rise, Activities, his brother Abu Ishaq Muhammad Al-Mutasim Billah took the title and sat on the throne. During his reign the formation of Turkish forces, the suppression of the Jat rebellion, the war with the Byzantines, the Marzian body were notable events. He died in 642 AD. After his death, his eldest son Abu Jafar Harun. Al-Wasik ruled with the title of Billah until 648 AD. He was generous, generous, educated and a patron of art and literature. After the death of Caliph al-Wasiq, his brother Almutawakkil ascended the throne in 646 AD and ruled until 61 AD. He persecuted the Mutazila community. He divided the empire into two sons. The caliph loved his youngest son Mu'taz more. His eldest son, al-Muntasir, disliked the stamping in his name, killed him in 61 AD with the help of a Turkish general and seized the throne. From that time on, the people became restless due to the mighty power of the Turkish army. Subsequent caliphs from Mutawakkil became their puppets. He was killed in a conspiracy by Turkish forces. They assassinated the later Caliph Muktadir (908-932 AD) and destroyed the vision of Caliph Al-Qahir (932-934 AD). Abbasid Caliph al-Muttaqi (940-944 AD) sought the help of the Buaids to save them from the tyranny of the Turks and the brutal and barbaric killings. The Buaids expelled the Turks, ruled Baghdad, and established an independent sultanate.

The Buwayhid Dynasty (944-1055 AD) The identity and rise of the Naids

The Buwayhid dynasty is a tribe in Central Asia. They lived on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea on the Al-Buraj high plateau and in a place called Dailam between Tabaristan and Gilan in Persia. Abu Shuja of this dynasty took up employment under the Samanid dynasty of Bekhara in the early tenth century. Abu Shuja later consolidated his power by claiming the title of "Buaid", claiming to be the heir to the Samanid dynasty of Najd. His three sons, Ahmad, Ali and Hasan, lived in Iran, Isfahan and Siraj between 934-938 AD. Ahwaz, Khuzistan, Kirman etc. were occupied by the Samanids and Siraj established a capital. Established an independent state. The weak and luxurious Abbasid Caliph Mustaqafi (944-948 AD) of the Turkish army at that time. He became impatient with arrogance and violence. He sought the help of Ahmed, the youngest son of Abu Shuja Buayyah. When Ahmed entered Baghdad in November 945, the Turkish Emir Abu Jafar and his army fled. Ahmed entered Baghdad and established the Buaid dynasty after his father. Caliph Mustaqafi was pleased with Ahmed and appointed him Amir-ul-Umrah and conferred the title of Muiz-ud-Daulah on him.

Activities and Contributions of the Buwayids (945-96 AD)

Contribution After the death of his mother Mamun in 633 AD

Taking advantage of the weakness and inefficiency of the Caliph Mustaqfi, Muiz took the title of Sultan and usurped all power. Not only this, with the help of Madras he is also named. Even in the sermon, his name is mentioned along with the name of the caliph. Syed Amir Ali said, "His pq) session was like that of Charels Martel under the Merovingian kings of France, for he was the virtual sovereign, whilst the Caliph was merely his dependent, receiving a daily allowance of 5.000 dinars from the public treasury. W e "The dignity of Charles Martin during the reign of the Meravinjian kings of France was the same as that of the real sovereignty.

in order to free himself from the grip of the Turks, the caliph summoned the Buaids and defeated himself. When the Caliph tried to get rid of Muiz-ud-Daulah, Muiz blindly deposed him in 948 AD. Then Mu'izz enthroned Al-Mutti, another son of Muqtada. Muti ruled from 1948-974, but remained under the control of the Buaids.

Lifa Abul Qasim Al Mustali (1094-1102 AD)

After Mustansir's death in AD, civil war broke out among his sons. Mustansi's next successor.

His son Najjar but Abul Qasim Al Mustali seized power by force. When Badr Jamali was assured of military assistance, Najjar was declared the caliph of Alexandria, with Bayat in his hands. C. In the news, forces led by Prime Minister Muhammad Malik Shah killed Najjar. 1099 In the 6th century, the Christian Crusaders laid siege to the Temple for 40 days and killed 70,000 Muslims. Caliph Abul Qasim al-Mustali failed to recapture Baitul Muqaddas.

Abu Amir Ali (1101-1130 AD:When the Caliph died in 1101 AD, his 5 year old son Ab Amir Ali ascended the throne. Prime Minister. Muhammad Malik Shah was appointed his guardian. But he failed to capture Baitul Muqaddas and became Caliph in 1121 AD. Abu Amir Ali assassinated the Prime Minister. Then Jalalul Islam became the Prime Minister. Caliph to him in 1125 AD. And killed his brother Mumin. 

Caliph Al Hafiz (1130-1149 AD): In 1130 AD, the Caliph himself was killed by a group of charismatic Fidri assassins. As the caliph was childless. Cousin Abdul Majid Al-Hafiz took power with the title 'Lidinillah'. He was a lazy man by nature. He came to power and assassinated the Prime Minister and several other ministers. In the end, he could not trust anyone, so he appointed his own son. When his son removed him and tried to seize the throne, the caliph appointed Sunni Rizwan as prime minister. At this time Shia-Sunni. When the conflict started, Rizwan left the ministry under the pressure of the situation. When the caliph died in 1149 AD, the people were relieved. Caliph al-Jafir Billah (1149-1154 AD) After the death of Caliph al-Hafiz, his son Abu Mansur ascended the throne with the title of Ismail al-Jafir Billah. He appointed a man named Adil as the Prime Minister. The caliph gave up all administrative activities and became addicted to chess. The Christians occupied Askalan in 1153–1154 AD. Grandson of the Prime Minister

Appoint the Prime Minister

Nasir killed Prime Minister Adil while he was asleep. Nasir Khalifa Al Jafir killed Billah and hid his body. Prime Minister.

Al Jafir Billah's close friend and day and night companion. Killed and his (Nasir's) father Abbas was not prime minister.

There was a companion. Nasir to the caliph without the knowledge of his father

Bong gave up on Biril. Yusuf and Jibril were killed for the murder.

In order to control the situation after his death, Prime Minister Abbas installed the slain Caliph Sham on the throne in 1154 AD with the title of Al-Fayez Nasabillah Billah. Shaw appealed to Salih Ibn Jurayq, the ruler of Asmunin and Nabasa, very secretly. When Salih arrived in the capital, Cairo, with Prime Minister Abbas and his family.

Al-Fayez called Salih 'Almalikus Salih'. Salih captured Nasir of Caliph al-Jafir and brought him to Cairo and killed him. Also ordered the assassination of influential rebel officials Pays on his brother Joseph and Gabriel. Accused of murder. Al-Fayez Nasrallah Billah (1154-1180 AD). After the death of Caliph Al Jafir Billah, Isa Abul Qasim, the son of Pir, was begged for military help by the Begums of the Al Fayez royal family. Salih fled. Caliph Al Fayez Salihke 'Almal. The killer grabbed Nasir and brought him to Cairo and killed him.

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