A teacher for a seafaring ship

A teacher for a seafaring ship

A teacher for a seafaring ship

as for a sailor, for a society or a country. The sailors see how the passengers pass their days with various cares and pleasures, their chests are moved from time to time, but it is fatal to make a mistake in this matter of steering the ship. The different lifestyles of the society or the country can also stir up the heart of the teacher, but first and foremost he is a teacher- the nurturing of human mind, discipline is his major task, and for that he is a patriot or a particular-religion-lover etc. Above all, he is a scientist, man of science. , Judgment is his best resort - if this is forgotten People are no longer served by him. | The teacher-society of our country today is not a psychoanalyst, it seems to be highly emotional. This is one in education. Heterogeneous crisis. Vibhutibhushan Banerjee was born on 12 September 1894 at Mamabari in Muraripur in the Twenty Four Parganas district of West Bengal. His ancestral home is Barrackpore village of the same district. Vibhutibhushan's childhood. Adolescence spent in extreme poverty. But he was a very brilliant student. Matriculation in 1914 and IA in 1916 - Passed in first division in both examinations and BA with Distinction in 1918. He taught school for a long time and in addition to living away from the city, pursued uninterrupted literary pursuits. Bangla He has expressed nature and human life in intuitive simplicity in his extraordinary artful language. He saw people with deep compassion and intense love. 

               prose is poetic and descriptive

 Bibhutibhushan's timeless couplet novel 'Pather Panchali', 'Aparajita'. Among his other notable works. Contains- Novels: 'Drshi Pradip', 'Aranyak', 'Devan' and 'Ichamati'; Story Books: 'Meghmallar', Mauriful', 'Jatra Badal' and 'Kinnar Dal'. Vibhutibhushan Banerjee died on September 1, 1950 at Ghatshila. There are no houses in the country for a long time. An ancestral home has been demolished and jungles have grown in VT. In this condition, one day I went to the country for a vacation. My father's old friend in village Chakkotti Mashay. He was very happy to see me. He said - after how long, father. Remember the country? I bowed and dusted my feet. He said - come, come, live, live long. Won't the house do? - What's in it? The village boy will live in the village, what's more in a little mine? I provide straw, bamboo, shed, occasional travel. Many more arrived. At least the thatched house should be raised. It feels good to come to the village after a long time. big Passing through the mango orchard towards the market, an old woman's figure in the shade of the mango tree, tapping a reed with her right hand, seems to be walking towards the market. Seeing the old woman, I stood up. I asked, where to go? - Father in the market. Not being able to see or recognize me, the old woman raised her right hand and placed her palm over her eyes. caught He said, who is your father? Did not know him? - Don't know. I have not come to the village for a long time. - That will be father. I used to go back and forth before. There was no lack of him. of things A lot of rice, a lot of cows. would not happen But even if the vehicle of education is well-intentioned, it is difficult to be hopeful that the state of education is on the way to becoming better as expected for one reason. Will accept teaching as if lack of mind in his condition has become prominent among students for various reasons. It can be heard from the mouths of many elders. But if the problem were this, the matter would be difficult because the number of entrants in the field of knowledge is negligible. This mental disorder is more complicated than this in our country, the teachers of students may be suffering more from this disease. . The disease has attacked the country's mainstays from all sides: Eastern and Western lifestyles. conflict; The thoughts which were in the eastern life of the time are gradually emerging with the larger life of the country. Reluctance to understand what all that adds up to; poverty I have heard many educated people saying that we have become more idealistic in life due to western influence. what Westerners are not, in fact, idealistic. And I have not heard any satisfactory answer from them about why they wholeheartedly accept another ideology (that is, the ancient ideology of the country) 

              instead of the Western ideology

A teacher for a seafaring ship

Poverty cannot be said to be the reason for their deterioration, because teachers who are not poor are exemplary The deficiency is no less noticeable within them. But the influence of the thinkers who were born in our country has brought much more chaos than the western influence and poverty has brought chaos to our lives. Talented Shaktiman is surely but he has to be accompanied or followed carefully, because being Shaktiman is a personality. He is not devoid of particularity, and that particularity is formed by the influence of age-religion; Therefore, the people of another era have to be aware enough to follow the great man of one era, otherwise; They are deprived of what is most desirable for them - to make their lives meaningful in the contemporary world of their age. Justice is what we want for a meaningful life, no matter how deep the judgment is - the great need for teachers cannot, or will not, solve such a mess. Give two reasons why teachers feel uncomfortable enough about this mental disorder. One, the country's political mess, self-discovery is almost impossible in that mess; the other Public ignorance and apathy. What are they in return for the money spent on their daughter's education? They are getting this question and they are not able to do it well because they have been in the university for a few days. The food system could have been the same only if the certificate could be added, that month has not yet been fully spent. But making good money is not something to be hated at all. If the purpose of education is It doesn't help that the question arises in the minds of the public why education should be called education at all. - O father, his milk! Half the water - he knows whether milking is good or not. . The next day it was morning, I saw the old woman coming to the yard and calling, O cowherd. I got up from the bed and said, Hey, what do you think so early in the morning? Who's in the hand? The old woman put her hand on my dawa and said, I brought a glass of milk for her. -What is he! Where to get milk so early in the morning? 

     That Hazra batter wife called me mother

 He has no one either. His shed is next to his mother's shed. I left it yesterday night, saying my wife, the cow does not get milk. So May is up today. Call me, mother, get up, take milk for your cow. - Well, why do you say these things! Never come like this again. Tell me how much money to pay. The old woman was a little nervous. Fearfully says, why father, Why money? | - If you don't have money, will you get milk? - That one, I said father, from my daughter's house. — That's right, you take the money. He is also a poor man. The old lady left with the money, but I could tell by the way she spoke that she was depressed

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