The son of a Sad Brahmin marrying a Demer girl after passing the entrance

The son of a Sad Brahmin marrying a Demer girl after passing the entrance

The son of a Sad Brahmin marrying a Demer girl after passing the entrance

found Now the country will be saved if only the English can be abused. A year has passed. Unable to bear the mosquito bites, he resigned to sannyaspiri. I'm back One day in the afternoon I was walking through the two distant Malaparas, suddenly I saw Mrityunjay sitting at the foot of a cottage. Ocher turban on his head, big beard and hair, Rough and beaded necklaces are called. This is our death. The son of Kayastha became completely Puradastu in one year | is gone How quickly man can abandon his caste of fourteen men and become another caste. He is a wonder. Brahmin's son Methrani married and became Methra and their business. I am sure you have all heard this. I have seen t. Now he weaves and sells cotton wool and grazes pigs. I have also seen a good Kayastha son marry a butcher's daughter and become a butcher. Today he cuts cows and sells them with his own hands. But all have the same reason. I think so. 

Those who can pull men down so easily

can't they also push them up and up? The fame of the men of Palligram has become five-faced today, is the glory only theirs? Just going down so fast under their own power. Does not so much encouragement, so much help come from the inside? But let's I will sit on the head of the incline, maybe practicing injustice. But it is difficult for me that I cannot forget that ninety people of the country are the people of that palligram and we want to do something for that. Let's I was saying that, who will say this is Mrutynjay. But for me. seated Bilasi went to fetch water from the pond, seeing me she was very happy and started saying again and again, “You. They would have killed me that night. I don't know how many beatings you took for me." I heard word of mouth that the next day they came here and gradually built a house and lived happily. Fortunately, I didn't need to be told that there was, I just realized it by looking at their mouths. So I heard that today, where is their seriousness to catch snakes, and they are ready, I also jumped up to go with them. I had a strong passion for two things since my childhood. One was to catch a snake and have sex, and to become enchanted. I still could not find out the way to become Siddha. But I was overjoyed at the hope of getting Mrityunjoy as a teacher. He is the disciple of his named father-in-law, so he is a great person. Who could have thought that my fate would suddenly become so happy? But at first they both objected, saying that there was reason for hard work and fear, Mrityunjaya did not find a way to see me in a few months. He taught me how to catch snakes and how to calculate, and he made snakes with medicine on his wrists. Do you know the mantra? The last one I remember was Rekeya Sakhawat Hassan on December 9, 1880 at Payaraband village under Mithapukur police station in Rangpur district.  please His father's name is Zahiruddin Abu Ali Haider Saber and mother's name is Rahatunnessa Cheidhuri Real name is Rekeya Khatun and matrimonial name is Rekeya Sakhawat Hasen. Rakeya's father was well-versed in many languages ​​but was conservative about girls' education. In the company of elder brother and son, Rekeya learned Bengali and English language well and became interested in learning. In 1898, she got married to the Urdu-speaking and revolutionary Sai Sakhawat Hussain. With the encouragement and inspiration of Deputy Magistrate Swami, the path to enlightenment is more smooth is In the face of adverse criticism and various obstacles, she never advocated women's education. did not deviate from the goal; Rather, to shed light on the education of Muslim girls against the veil system and education Students went from house to house and collected. Rekeya is a prominent Bengali prose artist. Not the prejudices and inertia of the society To do so, he composed remarkably erudite and heartfelt prose. All his works are derived from past perceptions of social life. 'Matichur' and 'Abarodhvasini' are his significant prose books. Besides, Sultana's dream. 'Lady' He also wrote two novels named This noble woman died on 9th December 1932. Griha means a restful resting place - where at the end of the day the housewives can come back and rest in a tired state. The sun protects the householder from rain and frost. Animals and birds also have homes. They also feel safe in their own homes. If there is no thirst, water does not taste like water, perhaps not leaving home for a few days abroad. There is no sweet home happiness. Even men do not go abroad all the time, but are outside the household all day. Thakia is eager to return home in the afternoon - when he comes home, he is alive. Now I want to say two things about our house. If we look at our social condition, we see that most Indian women are deprived of domestic happiness. Those who live under others, who have no right to consider the house of guardians as their building, Home is like a prison for them. He who is not happy in family life, he does not dare to consider himself as a member of the family, home peace cannot be a hindrance to him. Virgins, sadhabas, widows - the condition of all classes is deplorable. I am giving a little sample of some Anthapuras as evidence. In this way, the interior view is lifted. My brothers will be greatly distressed if they show up, no doubt. We once visited a town near Jamalpur (in Behar). Many of our friends have homes there. Sharaf said that our relative men have friendship with the man of that house! We are interested in seeing the women of the upper house. I saw how many women are very calm? Philly, though pom! They gave us a proper welcome. There is Sharafat's wife Hasin Shashi Jamila, Jamila's daughter and daughter-in-law etc. were present. Then when Jamilake is at our house. I hereby request.

Then he said that they never go out of the house, this is their heritage


The son of a Sad Brahmin marrying a Demer girl after passing the entrance

Never rode in a chariot or any other vehicle. I said in surprise, "But how do you get married and go to your in-laws' house?" Why did your sister-in-law come?” Jamila North. He said, "He is our relative-daughter in the neighborhood, only our family's house is seen side by side." Saying this, he took me to another room and said, "

 now it is my house. all of them Showed the room. The rooms were closed saying "Asuryampshya". Then I opened a door and saw Hasina's daughter-in-law on the other side! - Jamila said, "Look, on the other side of this door is my brother's house. On this side is my house. And the bride lives in the room. Let's close this door. In this way all houses can be circumambulated. Does the reader think that Hasina or Jamila is at home? Of course not; Only if Chari stays inside the wall. Do not stay at home. In this country, the house is called "Kohubar", but it should be called "Kabar"!! Sharafat's house, as there is a herd of goats, geese and chickens, there are also a group of women! Usually the male head of the family thinks that the house is only "my bati" - the other people of the family are his refuge. Our sincere sympathy is attracted. This is because these years have passed, Kalim has quarreled with his brother, and as a result, Kalim's wife does not get to see her sister-in-law! "My sister will come to me." Alas! The bowl that Kalimer! He will let whoever wants to come, not let whoever wants to come! On the other hand, the kitchen belongs to Salim. Kalim's wife is forbidden to enter there! Needless to say, Kalim's wife has no shortage of food, clothing or ornaments. I say, can ornaments forget the pain of separation of the only sister of the motherless Abla? I heard, he is not even free from concubines! like this Is the house close to him called Santiniketan? I have known Amarmasundari for a long time. She is a widow; No children. Her husband has a lot of property, including two four-story houses. His god is now the lord of all that property. The god is Rama. Donations of food and shelter also failed. We said, "Perhaps he spades with his in-laws." In response to these words, one said, "Rama knows how to do everything, but he does not know how to spade. Rama knows well, what should be done to the next person; He just doesn't know how to follow you." Why don't you get to live in Devar's house despite all the virtues?" Bilasi's suicide was a laughing matter for many. I almost think, this crime may be them. Both of them did it, but Mrityunjay is the son of Palligram, he is a man in the oil and water of Paragaon. However, no one could see the thing that had led him to such a great adventure? I think that among the women of the country it is not customary to win each other's hearts and get married, rather it is. An object of censure, in a land where women are forever deprived of the happiness they hope.

                  The terrible joys they aspire

The pride of victory, the pain of defeat, which no one has to bear even once in life, the sorrow of making a mistake, and the self-indulgence of making a mistake, nothing calls for it, whose ancient And the multifarious learned society, carefully distinguishing the people of the country from all kinds of commotion, forever He has arranged only for the marriage to take place, so even if the marriage is a mere contract because the document has to be prepared with Vedic mantras, the people of that country cannot understand the reason for the sin of death. Those who mocked luxury were the saintly householders and the saintly housewives. I know that they will all get Akshay Satilak, but even today, no one has seen the glory of that Sapur girl when she conquered a suffering bedridden man. Mrityunjay may have been an insignificant man, but the joy of winning his heart was not insignificant

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