This thing is difficult for the people of this country to understand

This thing is difficult for the people of this country to understand

This thing is difficult for the people of this country to understand

nor was his wealth insignificant. I will also blame Bhudevbabu's family essay. And I will not condemn the scriptural as well as the social rules. Even if you do, those who will say with a harsh answer on the face, This Hindu society has survived in so many revolutions of so many centuries due to its perfect rules. No, and the giant elephant has died but the cockroach survives. I'll just say that it's great Like Nanda Gopal, if you keep him in your lap day and night, he will stay there. No doubt, but half as much from the lap as to be saved like a cockroach. Getting down and kneeling like five other people is not an expiable sin. Or when there is no straw on our rice, The last sheaf of the poor man's dilapidated cottage is blown away, - We are drenched all night in the torrential downpour, — The squinting eye is puzzled, — The deaf hearted field trembles, and our bosom trembles — Every moment I think, to die by lightning — Still we are in the guardian's bowl! When we are in the palace as a princess, a princess, we are still in the Lord's house. And when that palace-like three-storied building was crushed by the earthquake, - our heads were broken while landing, arms and legs were broken and we went to the shelter in a state of unconsciousness in a bloody cage, - I still stayed in the guardians' bowl!! Or I live in the house of the householder's daughter-in-law, but I live in the Lord's abode; And when in the month of Chaitra, there is an evil act of evil in the Lord's bowl, the houses are burning with all the belongings, - we somehow run away with our lives in our hands and stand in a cup under a distant tree, still in the guardian's bowl!!! What I mean by the word "Home" in Hungarian is what I mean. Home is what gives physical comfort and mental peace. In case of widowhood, husband's house becomes uninhabitable; unfortunate then father The brother took refuge. There is a Hindi proverb. 'Ghar ki jvili banme gei-banme lagi ag bon bechara kia,- karme lagi ag?' No animal in the animal world is as helpless as us. 7. Everyone has caves - not just us. Kazi Abdul Odud on 26th April 1894 AD at his uncle's house in Bagmara village of Pangsha police station of Rajbari district. Recruited. His father was Kazi Sagiruddin and mother Khadeja Khatun. Kazi Abdul Odud is an extraordinary talent. He received his BA and MA in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta. Presidency College. 

              Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

 Justice Ramaprasad Mukhopadhyay, Justice Amin Ahmed were his classmates.  He learned Sanskrit, Persian, Proficiency in Urdu and Arabic languages ​​as well. He became a devotee of Rabindra while still a student and started studying literature. From 1920 AD to 1940 AD, he taught Bengali at Dhaka Intermediate College (now Dhaka College). At that time, 'Muslim Literary Society' was established in Dhaka. The members of this organization conducted the intellectual liberation movement. Kazi Abdul Odud belonged to this movement. One of the oldest personalities. He was a contemporary man of non-communal spirit. Kazi Abdul Odud Bangla, was appointed editor of the text book committee of the government and went to Calcutta. During his stay there, he was completely Devoted himself to literature. Two magazines named 'Sankalp' and 'Turanaptra' were published under his editorship. Among his notable works are— Stories: 'Mir Paribar'; Novels: 'Nadibakhse', 'Azad; Essays : Navaparaya (1st and 2nd Volume)', 'Rabindra Kavyapath', ' Society and Literature', Shasvatbanga', 'Ajkar Katha', 'Nazrul Pratibha', 'Kabiguru'. Rabindranath', 'Awakening of Bengal etc. He also compiled a dictionary named Praktik Shabdkosh. Kazi Abdul Odud died in Kolkata on 19 May 1970. In today's world, people's lives have become very complicated and uncomfortable. There is no end of disagreement among scholars about what is desirable for him and what is not. Dhruva says 'Doubt is spreading to the masses as to whether there is anything or not. C "However, in those countries that are lucky, efforts to overcome this danger are not diminishing. If all the knowledge and belief of people so far has to be burnt, then it can be said that most of the dangers have passed for those who have this determination in their hearts. - Some may say, this kind of lucky country is also in this country of ours. 

According to them, Indians today are not idle

This thing is difficult for the people of this country to understand

Before them the biggest goal of all the goals is the political goal. has risen It may be rude to say something against these words. But it is not possible for those in whose hearts the worm of doubt has entered to enjoy the sweetness of silence. How chaotic the modern mind of our country is can be found if we look closely at the state of education in the country. . Learning with the help of a language which is not our mother tongue makes many mistakes inevitable. The thinkers of our country seem to agree on this. Efforts to solve this problem might have started by now if the education problem is insignificant in the eyes of the people of our country due to various inevitable political reasons. We went to see a palace. Barikhani is as beautiful as the described Amaravati. meeting Glistening with various precious ornaments; On the other hand, 5/7 silver seats are calling the king with an empty heart. In the kitchen of the queen's house there is also a table, tipai, Chairs etc. are decorated. But dust on it. has read It was never said when the king entered these rooms. . I was disappointed to see the queen. Because seeing the sitting room, I had imagined the image of the queen, this image is completely opposite. She is a beautiful girl in a little red-necked bilati dhoti; A tangle of rough hair on the head, the hair has not been touched with oil for fifteen days, and the face is so pitiful. It is not an exaggeration to say that the queen who is full of feelings is the idol of "sadness". According to many, the eyes of the queen are the mirror of the mind. I am unable to describe the heartbreaking expression in the eyes of the queen. An elderly friend of ours said, "You are the queen of the king, why are you wearing this dress?" Let me tie my hair.” The queen replied, "I don't know if I have become a queen by sin!" That's right! But how desirable is the position of this queen! * 1 "According to Muhammadan law we inherit our father's property- "our house also. But what happens if that happens, - the real master of the house becomes the husband, son, son-in-law, son-in-law etc. Their absence is great. Amla or deputy owner of the house! The housewife is just a puppet of the Naib. Nayeb understood what Katri meant, illiterate. How many more such examples can be given in that direction. Khadija is the heiress of a great fortune, her husband Hashem is poor but an aristocratic scholar. Hashem subterfuges all the land; 

          Khadija does not have a single penny

 Hashem also married Khadijah by two or three marriages (2) while living in her ancestral home. He started to burn! If not, what is the bravery of a powerful man? If Khadija in this. expressed slight displeasure, But the older women condemn him for the lack of husband devotion in his heart. After reading this article of mine, my brothers and sisters may think that I have taken up the pen to paint the brothers as devils. It is not. I do not say harsh words to the brothers. I have not used - have I called anyone a sinner, devil, cruel? I have only shown the wound of a woman's heart. In the words that say, "Sacrifice one's sorrow is condemned, in this case that is what has happened - to describe the sorrow of the sister-in-law." Fraternal blasphemy has occurred. Fortunately, many of our brothers are like this. Those who keep women at home in peace enough. But we are also obliged to say with sadness that many brothers are introducing wrongful marriages in their homes. When the people of the country want to check the value of the education provided by the teachers of the country, that is the test. They can accept it respectfully but that will be good for the country

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